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~ British Flowers by the Month ~

Do you know the date of your event and want to know which flowers are available?

Do you want to include a particular flower and wish to check in which season it flowers?

Either way, this chart is for you!

Flowers are listed both under their common names and, in cases where these are commonly used, their Latin names (in italics). Each flower has a number, which refers to a photo of the flower (will be added soon!). Many of the flowers are available in a range of colours, which is indicated by the colour tabs next to the photo.


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If you are searching for flowers of a particular colour, you might find the British-Flowers-by-Colour Chart useful (also coming soon).

Of course you are always welcome to ask if you want more help with choosing what is right for you!

To find UK flower growers in your area, visit Flowers from the Farm,


British flower growers that grow within or deliver to the area that Beamsley Blooms supplies - Skipton, Ilkley, Otley, Harrogate, Leeds, Bradford, Grassington, Ripon, York include the following:

Jo Banks, Jo Banks Flowers, Harrogate,;

Claire Clark, Pear Tree House Flowers, Ilkley, email;

James Cox, Flowers by Clowance, Cornwall,;

Sally Pickering, Pickers, Moor Monkton, York,, email


Rachel Wilkes, Ducks and Daffodils, Strensall, York,



If you are a flower grower who supplies to this area and you would like to be included in the list, send me an email on


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